Noga Cohen (1994) is an Israeli born, New York City based artist, currently completing her MFA in Visual Arts at Columbia University. 

    In 2018, she received her BFA in Visual Arts, with honors, from the Shenkar Institute of Design and Arts in Tel Aviv, Israel. Her thesis exhibition received the Margaret and Sylvan Adams Prize for Emerging Artists, The Gross Foundation Award, and the SBY Grant for Young Photographers. That same year, her thesis project was exhibited at The Photo Lab, a gallery in Tel Aviv. While pursuing her MFA at Columbia, she has won the David Berg Foundation Fellowship, the Artis Contemporary Fellowship, and the Brevoort-Eickemeyer Fellowship. She is expected to graduate in 2021. 


Artist’s Statement


    Working mainly in sculpture and installation, my practice is deeply influenced by the question of the effects of continuous ecological disaster on human existence. My work describes how the physical, psychological, and existential toll wrought by the climate crisis is reflected in the human body. My work contextualizes different aspects of the climate crisis and, in particular, the violence, destruction and decay that results from it. I use the by-products of capitalist, consumerist, culture in my practice, I address the immediate and possible effects of climate on the body.

    The large scale objects and immersive installations I create incorporate toxic materials such as plastic, industrial insulations, found objects, and trash, and materials that were traditionally used to mimic body parts, such as latex and wax. I use different non-traditional sculptural techniques, such as burning in high heat, to explore the bodily qualities of the synthetic. By using heat in my process, I explore the tension between immediate, eruptive expressions of violence, and slow, continuous processes of decay and putrefaction. 

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